Yacht charter in Croatia, Greece and Italy

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we are the yacht charter company, we offer yacht charter in Croatia, Greece, Balearics, Italy and Caribbean. We rent sailing yachts, catamarans and of course motorboats. In Croatia we offer bareboat yacht charter in Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Sibenik. In Greece most of the yachts come from Athens, but there are some also coming from Ionian Islands and Rhodes as well as Kos.

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Yacht charter in Croatia


Dubrovnik is known as Old Town. We have arrived in this Old Town on the third day of our cruise.  There is a massive stone wall used to encircle this city in Croatia.  We have visited the Ancient City Walls, Old Town and Island of Lokrum, Gornji Ugao Tower. We have enjoyed our time in different activities in safe hands. For example, we have explored Dubrovnik Cable Car, war photo limited and Placa Thoroughfare.

Our friends were encouraged me to visit a history museum in the Old Town namely Gothic Reactor’s Palace. We were amazed with the best in class collections in this successful history museum. We have bought the most special things in leading shops and enjoyed the most delicious recipes in restaurants in this city.

Dubrovnik in Croatia

My yacht charter and cruise experiences in Croatia

I have different ideas about how to spend the upcoming holidays in islands. On the other hand, I pay attention to overall requirements of everyone in my family and make an informed decision about the cruise. My family members and I have chosen an ideal yacht after a complete examination of various important factors like the overall facilities and the cost. We have preferred Croatia as our tourist destination and enjoyed our holidays beyond what we have expected about the yachting.  The following details explain about day by day activities in our cruise.

Cruise experiences in Croatia