As a port town in Dalmatian coast, Croatia, Makarska is a renowned city in Croatia. The main attractions of this city include, but not limited to the nightlife, seafront promenade, Makarska Rivera beaches and wooded headlands. Our yacht has the best in class facilities to make us happy, comfortable and safe all through our cruise. We were satisfied with the prompt support and the complete guidance from our guides who come along with us throughout the yachting in Adriatic Sea.

Charter in Croatia

On the way to Makarska, we were stunned with the massive peaks in the Biokovo mountain range.  As the highest seaside peak located on the Mediterranean, Mt Jure impressed us and encouraged us to take some photographs.  We had more than a few nightlife choices in this renowned city.  Every element of our yacht charter supported us for enhancing our cruise and overall comfort all through yachting.  As a result, we have realized our fantasies about yachting without difficulty.

Makarska in Croatia yacht